Postobon Bretana Soda is a type

of sparkling club soda that serves a variety of purposes around the home! Postobon Bretana Soda is a sparkling, clear beverage that can be enjoyed on its own or mixed with a variety of fruit juices to liven them up and create a and interesting concept. No more flat, dull juice drinks, not anymore, not with Postobon Bretana Soda. Postobon Bretana Soda is a brand of carbonated water and was first produced back in 1918. The water is then injected with carbon dioxide bubbles and gases containing minerals such as sodium, and salts, and potassium that the body uses for metabolic activities. These minerals enhance the water and the carbon dioxide gas gives it that effervescent and bubbly effect; very similar to that of natural mineral water. Postobon Bretana Soda has a pH level of that between 3 and 4 and a slightly more bitter taste in comparison with regular water due to the minerals in it. Postoban Bretana Soda is also great to have on hand for unexpected stains and spills. The ingredients in Postobon Bretana works great to remove and neutralize stains that might otherwise occur. Just simply blot some onto the stain and you are good to go. Postobon Bretana Soda is a necessity for any family house hold and will soon become a must have in yours!

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Postobon Bretana Soda Bottle 12 oz

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postobon bretana soda bottle 12 oz



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