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Apple Soda combines the great taste of pure apple with the bubbles and effervescence of a sparkling cider. Together these two factors combine to create the great tasting and unique effect of Postobon Apple Soda. Postobon Apple Soda, or manzana, is a product of Colombia and is produced by one of the largest Colombian Beverage Companies. Postobon Apple Soda is a delightful pink in color and the bottle it comes in is designed the same. Previous consumers agree that Postobon tastes like fresh apple but with a sparkling sensation. Postobon Apple Soda is a carbonated soft drink meaning that carbon dioxide bubbles have been added to it to give it a light, fizzy appearance and taste. These little bubbles burst full of its unique flavor and provide a fun twist in comparison to regular apple drinks. Postobon Apple Soda can be enjoyed equally by both adults and children alike. It has a sophisticated flavor that adults enjoy and the unique bubbles and color that appeases to children. Postobon Apple Soda contains no fat and is relatively low in calories. Mix it with regular fruit juices to add an interesting twist and taste and texture to add flair to drinks or sip on it as it is served over ice or refrigerated. Postobon Apple Soda comes in a variety of sizes, the fun family sized two liter bottles, or in smaller individual sized bottles or cans, choose the one thats right for you!

Postobon Apple Soda 2 Lt

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postobon apple soda 2 lt



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