A sparkling pink apple beverage Postobon

Apple Soda can is sure to please and now comes in the convenience of a six pack. Easy to tote around and transport, just grab and go. Postobon Apple Soda is a type of carbonated soda beverage that is cool, crisp, and refreshing for those with dry mouths and thirty throats. It tingles and tickles and satisfies, as the effervescent, carbonated bubbles make their way down your throat, leaving a great fresh apple taste to linger. Postobon Apple Soda is produced by a chain of Goya and is manufactured in Colombia by one of the largest beverage companies. Postobon Apple Soda can is identifiable by its unique pink branding and design logo, as well as its unique pink liquid and well known great taste! Kid tested and approved, Postobon Apple Soda can is quickly becoming one of the most popular brands on the market! Great for parties, or to take on road trips, picnics, and barbecues. Postobon Apple soda can features 6- 12 ounce sized cans. The cans won t break and are great for individual servings. They are light weight and portable. Postobon Apple Soda can provides quick and convenience, at a low cost, with a great taste, perfect for the everyday consumer. Try Postobon Apple Soda can served in a glass over ice, or simply place the cans in the fridge to chill, absolutely awesome for lounging by the pool, or as a sweet treat on a hot day.

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Postobon Apple Soda Can 12 oz (6 Cans)

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postobon apple soda can 12 oz 6 cans



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