Postobon has now expanded their line

f products to give you the consumer more choice and variety for their great tasting drink beverages! Postobon Apple Soda, that great tasting, fresh and crisp, bubbly, pink delight is now available in a 12 ounce sized glass bottle. Postobon Apple Soda Bottle allows you the quick, easy, convenience of simply grabbing one and going. Take it with you to the park, to the gym, to the beach, or for the walk home. It still has the same great taste and flavor that we have come to know and love. Postobon Apple Soda features the essence of freshly pressed apples and combines that with the unique bubbles of carbonated water to bring you a tasty sensation comparable to that of a fine champagne. However, Postobon Apple Soda Bottle provides great affordability and won t break your budget! Postobon Apple Soda Bottle contains no alcohol and won t leave you still thirsty after drinking it. Imagine fresh apples, picked and then pressed. Then imagine your favorite brand of ginger ale and pour that into the juice mixture and you might come to close to the unique concept of Postobon Apple Soda Bottle. Postobon Apple Soda Bottle, a unique pink apple beverage that you ll find yourself craving. The taste is almost addictive! Try some by placing your order for Postobon Apple Soda Bottle here!

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Postobon Apple Soda Bottle 12 oz

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postobon apple soda bottle 12 oz



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