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Texas Book Collection on CD The Historical Texas Book Collection is a collection of 46 volumes relating to the history of Texas and its people primarily in the 18th and 19th centuries. Several of the volumes have great period illustrations and portraits of relevant historical figures. All the titles contained on this CD are listed below. Footprints of Texas history (1916) - Dill, Minnie G - 113 pages Texas history stories (1897) - Littlejohn, Elbridge, Gerry - 65 pages A financial history of Texas (1916) - Miller, Edmund Thornton - 444 pages A history of Texas; (1847) - Stiff, Edward - 341 pages A school history of Texas (1912) - Barker, Eugene Campbell; Potts, Charles Shirley; Ramsdell, Charles W. (Charles William) - 384 pages Scraps of early Texas history (1884) - Helm, Mary S. (Mary Sherwood Wightman, Elias R. - 195 pages History of Texas; Fort Worth and the Texas northwest edition Volume 1 (1922) - Paddock, B. B. (Buckley B.) - 439 pages History of Texas; Fort Worth and the Texas northwest edition Volume 2 (1922) - Paddock, B. B. (Buckley B.) - to page 886 History of Texas; Fort Worth and the Texas northwest edition Volume 3 (1922) - Paddock, B. B. (Buckley B.) - 368 pages History of Texas; Fort Worth and the Texas northwest edition Volume 4 (1922) - Paddock, B. B. (Buckley B.) - to page 752 A source book relating to the history of the University of Texas: legislative, legal, bibliographical, and statistical (1917) - Benedict, Harry Yandell - 854 pages Garner Of Texas A Personal History (1948) - Bascom N. Timmons - 294 pages A condensed history of Texas for schools (1895) - Brown, John Henry; Brown, Mary Mitchell, Mrs; Fendley, James Munroe - 248 pages History of the Presbytery of Central Texas (1895) - Tenney, L - 111 pages Terry's Texas rangers (1911) - Giles, Leonidas B. - 105 pages A history of Texas for schools, also for general reading and for teachers preparing themselves for examination (1888) - Pennybacker, Anna J. Hardwicke - 244 pages A history of early Methodism in Texas(1924) - Phelan, Macum - 510 pages A brief history of Texas from its earliest settlement (1873) - Baker, De Witt Clinton - 200 pages History of the German element in Texas from 1820-1850 (1913) - Tiling, Moritz Philipp Georg - 225 pages Memorial and biographical history of Dallas County, Texas .. (1892) - 1011 pages The republic of Texas; a brief history of Texas from the first American colonies in 1821 to annexation in 1846 (1922) - Wharton, Clarence - 247 pages Texas. An epitome of Texas history from the filibustering and revolutionary eras to the independence of the republic (1897) - Brooker, William H - 100 pages The Jumano Indians in Texas, 1650-1771 (1912) - Bolton, Herbert Eugene - 20 pages History of the University of Texas. Based on facts and records (1891) - Lane, John J - 322 pages The history and geography of Texas as told in county names (1915) - Fulmore, Zachary Taylor - 312 pages History of Texas; supplemented with biographical mention of many prominent persons and families of the state (1896) - 830 pages Standard history of Houston, Texas : from a study of the original sources (1912) - Carroll, B. H. (Benajah Harvey) - 499 pages A Texas pioneer; early and overland freighting days on the frontiers of Texas and Mexico (1910) - Santleben, August - 321 pages In Texas with Davy Crockett; a story of the Texas war of independence (1908) - McNeil, Everett - 398 pages Captain Jeff; or, Frontier life in Texas with the Texas Rangers; some unwritten history and facts in the thrilling experiences of frontier life (1906) - Maltby, William J. - 204 pages Early explorations and mission establishments in Texas - Heusinger, Edward Werner - 314 pages Captain Bill McDonald, Texas ranger; a story of frontier reform (1909) - Paine, Albert Bigelow - 448 pages Hood's Texas brigade, its marches, its battles, its achievements (1910) - Polley, J. B. (Joseph Benjamin) - 347 pages The Navy of the Republic of Texas, 1835-1845 (1909) - Dienst, Alex - 150 pages A thumb-nail history of the city of Houston, Texas, from its founding in 1836 to the year 1912 (1912) - Young, Samuel Oliver - 184 pages The campaigns of Walker's Texas division : containing a complete record of the campaigns in Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas ... (1875) - Blessington, Joseph Palmer - 314 pages History of the Baptists of Texas; a concise narrative of the Baptist denomination in Texas, from the earliest occupation of the territory to the close of the year 1906 (1907) - Riley, B. F. (Benjamin Franklin) - 509 pages Visitor's guide and history of San Antonio, Texas, from the foundation (1689) to the present time, with the story of the Alamo (1913) - Barnes, Charles Merritt - 98 pages A memorial and biographical history of Johnson and Hill counties, Texas : containing the early history of this important section of the great state of Texas together with glimpses of its future prospects; also biographical mention of many of the pioneers and prominent citizens of the present time, and full-page portraits of some of the most eminent men of this section (1892) - 375 pages Houston, a history and guide (1942) - Writers' Program of the Work Projects Administration in the State of Texas - 363 pages History of Montague County (1913) - Potter, Fannie (Bellows) - 191 pages The City and county of El Paso, Texas : containing useful and reliable information concerning the future great metropolis of the Southwest : its resources and advantages for the agriculturist, artisan and capitalist (1886) - El Paso Bureau of Information - 83 pages History and legends of the Alamo and other missions in and around San Antonio (1917) - De Zavala, Adina - 219 pages British interests and activities in Texas, 1838-1846 (1910) - Adams, Ephraim Douglass - 267 pages British diplomatic correspondence concerning the Republic of Texas,1838-1846 (1918) - Great Britain. Foreign Office; Adams, Ephraim Douglass; Elliott, Charles; Kennedy, William - 636 pages A history of Texas, from the earliest settlements to the year 1885; with an appendix containing the constitution of the state of Texas, adopted November, 1875, and the amendments of 1883 (1885) - Thrall, Homer S. - 244 pages Here are the computer requirements to run and operate this CD. You must have a PC running Windows or a Macintosh running OS X or higher software and a web browser. All the manuals in this disk are in DJVU format. This format allows you to page through the manuals, enlarge pages for better viewing and print the individual pages or entire manual as well as many other things. The viewer is very intuitive to use and has a full help system to answer any questions you may have about its more advanced features. The viewer is included on the CD. Please visit Our About Me Page to Learn More about Us! This product is a CD. 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