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show your personal style with this unique lighting designed cigarette lighter. This cigarette lighter comes with delicate appearance and practical function. It is lightweight, small, and easy-to-take. The application of high quality material makes it safe and easy to use. It will be the best handheld device to light cigarettes. Moreover, there are many different types of cigarette lighters provided in our shop. All of them are reliable and durable. A great gift for yourself! Note ??? Due to air mail regulation, all lighters are empty. Please fill fuel before the actual lighting. Features This butane lighter is made of fine quality material The best watch lighter may adept your noble flavour and taste Watch cigarette lighter is comfortable to wear, it is a ideal present for your friends This butane lighter is essential to your enjoyment, whether you choose to smoke pipes, cigars or even cigarettes It will be a good decoration for your wrist Specifications Material Iron, Artificial leather Color Silver Watchband Size 10.04" x 0.83" (L x W) Watchcase Size 1.73" x 0.59" (Dia.x H) Weight 3.42 oz / 97 g Package Includes 1 x Novelty Watch Shaped Collectable Butane Cigarette Cigar Lighter Extra Info Sometimes, customers buy lighters from me, confusing to fill inside gas and control the fire size, you won???t confuse any more, let me show how to do for you! 1. Fill gas inside lighter Position This position is to fill the butane gas into the lighter, before you do that, you should use the TOOL1 (cross screwdriver) to deflation the few remaining gas, when you complete the above step, you can use the TOOL2 (butane gas) fill into the gas now. TOOL1 TOOL2 2. Control the fire size Position This position is also to control the fire size, if you are sure there is lighter gas inside the lighter, but the lighter can???t light, you can use a TOOL3 ( flat blade screwdriver ) to control the fire size, transfer large or small adjustment. TOOL3 3. When you complete the above two steps, you can light up the lighter

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Novelty Watch Shaped Collectable Butane Cigarette Cigar Lighter

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novelty watch shaped collectable butane cigarette cigar lighter



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