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History of NASA on 2 DVDS Be sure to check out all our NASA Space History DVDS in our Store (Links open in a window) Follow the history of NASA from John Glenn - one of its earlies and most famous adventurers - through its first successful decades on to the Space Shuttle and beyond. This two DVD collection contains 9 fascinating documentaries covering NASA history from the 1960's to the early 1980s. Here are all the films that make up this fascinating collection: The John Glenn Story (1963) This brief, 30-minute biographical documentary looks at the early life and professional career of American astronaut John Glenn (before his days in politics). Several of the people who knew him "back when" in Concord, Ohio take up a certain amount of time reminiscing on Glenn's boyhood and then the docu segues into the astronaut's preparations for his space flight -- three orbits around the earth, and then home again. Included are interior shots aboard the Friendship Seven space capsule, and Glenn's comments as he works inside the capsule during this mission. Director: William L. Hendricks Producer: National Aeronautics and Space Administration Production Company: Werner Bros. Studios Audio/Visual: Sound, Color Run time: 30 min Highlights 1965: A Progress Report (1965) NASA recaps the status of their various programs in 1965. Audio/Visual: Sound, Color Run time: 39:36 America in Space - The First Decade 1968 This film provides a 10-year history of National Aeronautics and Space Administration's (NASA) role in the exploration of space. It describes major accomplishments in aeronautics, atmospheric research, the use of scientific and applications satellites, studies of the moon and planets, and manned space flight. Audio/Visual: Sound, Color Run time: 28 min 29 sec Within This Decade 1969 This film traces the principal accomplishments of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in aeronautics and space research from 1959 until the eve of the first lunar landing in 1969. Emphasis is placed on the progressive experience gained on each manned Apollo mission. Audio/Visual: Sound, Color Run time: 28 min 21 sec The Time of Apollo 1975 This film presents President John F. Kennedy stating in 1961 that "this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the Moon and returning him safely to Earth." This film presents a tribute to the accomplishment and era of the task.; Project Apollo (U.S. Image Associates. Audio/Visual: Sound, Color Run time: 28 min 29 sec Space for Women 1981 This film interviews women employed in NASA's space transportation programs and shows the variety of positions that they hold, ranging from electrical engineer, aerial photography analyst, and safety specialist to astronaut mission specialist. It notes how the women obtained their training and qualified for their positions. Astronaut Anna Lee Fisher, Dr. Patricia Cowings, Shirley Cevalier, Sue Norman, Sharon Orkansky, Brenda Willis, and Astronaut Catherine Sullivan are profiled. This film was designed for use in career education and guidance classes. Audio/Visual: Sound, Color Run time: 27 min 10 sec Opening Frontiers (1982) NASA film recounting the first four test flights of Space Shuttle Columbia during 1982-1982. STS-1, STS-2, STS-3, and STS-4 are covered. Production Company: Media Services Corporation Audio/Visual: Sound, Color Run time: 28:33 We Deliver (1983) NASA film about the first four operational missions of the Space Transportation System, onboard Space Shuttles Columbia and Challenger. STS-5, STS-6, STS-7 and STS-8 are depicted, with launch, landing and on-orbit operations detailed. Production Company: Media Services Corporation, Houston, TX Audio/Visual: Sound, Color Run time: 28:31 NASA: The 25th Year (1983) NASA retropective on its first 25 years. Includes coverage and footage of many fameous space programs, including Mercury, Gemeni, Apollo, Skylab, Mariner, Ranger, Surveyor, Pioneer, Viking, Voyager, and the Space Shuttle. This is a complete version of this film, unlike the fragment found elsewhere in the collection. Audio/Visual: Sound, Color Run time: 50:02 Please visit Our About Me Page to Learn More about Us! This product is a DVD. It is region so it can play on DVD players anywhere in the world. 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NASA Space History: Apollo, Space Shuttle, John Glenn JFK on 2 DVDs - A125-26

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