Myth ion Improbable Paperback Robert Asprin

n Skeeve hardly remembered getting the treasure map. He was almost embarrassed to admit he had bought one. But Aahz discovered this map was real. Quicker than a Deveel at the Bazaar of Deva can take your possessions and make you think you got a deal, they were off to fin the Golden Cow! There were a few problems-aren t there always. Tanda joins the hunt; for a share, of course. But the map takes them far beyond the familiar dimensions and they have to visit a Shifter at the Bazaar for directions-he/she/it gets a 5% cut of any treasure for each time they have to visit him/her/it. Never get directions from a Shifter that charges by the visit. This book is ! Contact us if you are looking at more than one item for a combined quote. You can contact us through chat if it shows us available or at

Myth-ion Improbable by Robert Asprin PB NEW

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myth ion improbable by robert asprin pb new



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