Myth Alliances by Robert Asprin Jody

ynn Nye (Hardcover) He is known as The Great Skeeve, a powerful magician that others fear, but he knows that it is mostly smoke and mirrors and that he ranks out as an apprentice. He retires from his position as Court Magician, a very profitable endeavor and returns to Klah to study magick so that he can be what his reputation advertises. Staying with him at his inn is his dragon, Glee, the war unicorn Buttercup, and Bunny a beautiful and intelligent woman. Using a D hopper, Wensley from the dimension of Wuh meets and begs Skeeve to use his powers to get rid of the Prevects that control his world. Unable to think of an immediate way to control the Prevects, Skeeve picks up Tanada the Trollup and Zol Itchy, the self-help guru of Kobold and heads for Wuh to liberate the wuhs. What Skeeve doesn t know is that the Prevects have a business contract with the Wuhs and they have to meet it or see their reputations ruined. These two groups are working at cross-purposes laced with several misunderstandings and the results are totally hilarious. This is a very funny lighthearted fantasy that will be appreciated by those readers who read the previous Skeeve and Aahz books or the Xanth series by Piers Anthony. Skeeve is his usual charming, urbane yet naive self who takes up for the underdog (in this case the Wuhs) who don t really appreciate his efforts. Robert Asprin and Jody Lynn Nye are great collaborators and together create a work that is refreshing as the previous Myth novels. MYTH ALLIANCES demonstrates that humor done right can be an integral part of a fantasy novel. This book is ! Contact us if you are looking at more than one item for a combined quote. You can contact us through chat if it shows us available or at

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Myth Alliances by Robert Asprin and Judy Nye HB NEW

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myth alliances by robert asprin judy nye hb new



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