This superb and refreshingly dark soda

eatures the secret ingredient of yerba mate which gives it a unique, special taste, something comparable to a champagne soda. Materva Soft Drink bottle is formulated using mate, a well known herb from South America. Mate is known for its healing properties and its ability to make great teas, and now, great sodas! Materva Soft Drink bottle is available in a two liter size, which provides you more servings per bottle. Great for get togethers or extended families. Materva Soft Drink bottle resembles the appearance of coca cola but has a highly sophisticated flavor that plays and twirls on your tongue like a fine sparkling wine. It is sweet unlike mate on its own, and has been in production for over 70 years! Materva Soft Drink bottle is a non alcohol beverage, and tastes like a royal treat! It is both hydrating and sensual, providing your mind and body with a boost of energy to help get you through the rest of the day. Materva Soft Drink bottle has been tasted tested and approved, passing with flying colors! Kids love its flavor and adults agree, that it is both tasty and satisfying and can be enjoyed by all. Place your order for Materva Soft Drink bottle now, and treat yourself and those you love to a soda refreshment beverage, worth remembering!

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Materva Soft Drink 2 Lt

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materva soft drink 2 lt



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