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Massachusetts MA Civil War Regiment Volunteers Genealogy 77 Book Set - C531
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Massachusetts Civil War Regimental
Histories Book Collection on DVD

The Massachusetts Civil War Regimental Histories book collection is a group of 77 books that detail the histories of various Massachusetts based regiments during the Civil War. Many of the books are illustrated with specific events relating to their service as well as portraits of some of the members. These books are an excellent resource for the Civil War history buff as well as for those doing Civil War genealogy research.

All the titles contained on this DVD are listed below.

  • The Bay State Forty-Fourth : a regimental record (1863) - Safford, De Forest - 32 pages
  • A history of Massachusetts in the Civil War (1868) - Schouler, William - 670 pages
  • Massachusetts in the Army and Navy during the war of 1861-1865 Volume 1 (1895) - Higginson, Thomas Wentworth; Livermore, Mary Ashton Rice; Wilson, Charles Webster; Jacques, Florence Wyman - 647 pages
  • Massachusetts in the Army and Navy during the war of 1861-1865 Volume 2 (1895) - Higginson, Thomas Wentworth; Livermore, Mary Ashton Rice; Wilson, Charles Webster; Jacques, Florence Wyman - 805 pages
  • Memories of the civil war (1898) - James, Henry B. - 133 pages
  • Massachusetts in the war, 1861-1865 (1889) - Bowen, James L. (James Lorenzo) - 1029 pages
  • Bearing arms in the Twenty-seventh Massachusetts regiment of volunteers infantry during the civil war, 1861-1865 (1883) - Derby, William P - 607 pages
  • Memorial history of the Seventeenth Regiment, Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry (old and new organizations) in the Civil War from 1861-1865 (1911) - Kirwan, Thomas; Splaine, Henry - 402 pages
  • The Third Massachusetts cavalry in the war for the union (1903) - Ewer, James Kendall - 116 pages
  • History of the Thirty-Seventh Regiment, Mass. Volunteers in the Civil War of 1861-1865 : with a comprehensive sketch of the doings of Massachusetts as a state, and of the principal campaigns of the war (1884) - Bowen, James L. (James Lorenzo) - 475 pages
  • The Third Massachusetts Regiment Volunteer Militia in the War of the Rebellion, 1861-1863 (1906) - Gammons, John Gray - 326 pages
  • Story of Co. F, 23d Massachusetts volunteers, in the war for the union, 1861-1865 (1896) - Valentine, Herbert Eugene - 166 pages
  • History of the Forty-eighth Regiment, M.V.M. during the Civil War (1907) - Plummer, Albert - 133 pages
  • Massachusetts in the rebellion. A record of the historical position of the commonwealth, and the services of the leading statesmen, the military, the colleges, and the people, in the civil war of 1861-65 (1866) - Headley, P. C. (Phineas Camp) - 688 pages
  • Massachusetts officers who died while in the service of the United States during the war of the rebellion (1892) - 24 pages
  • The Fifty-seventh regiment of Massachusetts volunteers in the war of the rebellion. Army of the Potomac (1896) - Anderson, John - 512 pages
  • History of the Fiftieth Regiment of Infantry, Massachusetts Volunteer Militia, in the late war of the rebellion (1907) - Stevens, William B. (William Burnham Eustis, William C; Nelson, Solomon - 399 pages
  • The history of the Twenty-ninth regiment of Massachusetts volunteer infantry, in the late war of the rebellion (1877) - Osborne, William H - 393 pages
  • The Fifty-fifth Massachusetts volunteer infantry (1917) - Wilder, Burt G. (Burt Green) - 12 pages
  • First regiment Massachusetts volunteer infantry veteran association (1911) - 32 pages
  • History of the Fifth Massachusetts battery (1902) - 991 pages
  • The Tenth regiment, Massachusetts volunteer infantry, 1861-1864, a western Massachusetts regiment (1909) - Roe, Alfred S. (Alfred Seelye) - 535 pages
  • Passages from the life of Henry Warren Howe, consisting of diary and letters written during the civil war, 1816-1865. A condensed history of the Thirtieth Massachusetts regiment and its flags, together with the genealogies of the different branches of the family .. (1899) - Howe, Henry Warren - 211 pages
  • History of the Twenty-first regiment, Massachusetts volunteers, in the war for the preservation of the union, 1861-1865: with statistics of the war and of Rebel prisons (1882) - Walcott, Charles F. (Charles Folsom) - 502 pages
  • Gen. Cowdin and the First Massachusetts Regiment of Volunteers (1864) - Cowdin, Robert - 19 pages
  • History of the Second Massachusetts regiment of infantry (1884) - Oakey, Daniel - 15 pages
  • The record of the Second Massachusetts infantry, 1861-65 (1867) - Quint, Alonzo Hall - 528 pages
  • Roster of Company I, 24th Regiment, Massachusetts Volunteers (1902) - 15 pages
  • History of the Fifty-second Regiment, Massachusetts Volunteers (1893) - Moors, J. F. (John Farwell) - 289 pages
  • History of the Forty-fifth Regiment, Massachusetts Volunteer Militia .. (1908) - Mann, Albert W. (Albert William) - 564 pages
  • The Twenty-fourth regiment, Massachusetts volunteers, 1861-1866 (1907) - Roe, Alfred Seelye - 573 pages
  • The Thirty-ninth Regiment Massachusetts Volunteers, 1862-1865 (1914) - Roe, Alfred S. (Alfred Seelye) - 493 pages
  • The twentieth regiment of Massachusetts volunteer infantry, 1861-1865 (1906) - Bruce, George Anson - 519 pages
  • Life with the Forty-ninth Massachusetts volunteers (1890) - Johns, Henry T . 435 pages
  • History of the Twelfth Massachusetts volunteers (Webster regiment) (1882) - Cook, Benjamin F.; Beale, James - 167 pages
  • History of the Fifty-second Regiment, Massachusetts Volunteers (1893) - Moors, J. F. (John Farwell) - 295 pages
  • History of the 58th regt. Massachusetts vols (1865) - Cushman, F rederick E. - 38 pages
  • A history of the First regiment of Massachusetts cavalry volunteers (1891) - Crowninshield, Benjamin W. (Benjamin William Gleason, D. H. L. (Daniel Henry Lawrence) - 490 pages
  • History of the Seventh Massachusetts volunteer infantry in the war of the rebellion of the southern states against constitutional authority. 1861-1865. With of battles, army movements, hospital life, and incidents of the camp, by officers and privates; and a comprehensive introduction of the moral and political forces which precipitated the war of secession upon the people of the United States (1890) - Hutchinson, Nelson V - 272 pages
  • Memorial service in memory of the dead of the First regt. Massachusetts volunteer infantry, 1861-64 (1911) - 18 pages
  • Record of the Thirty-third Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, from Aug. 1862 to Aug. 1865 (1880) - Boies, Andrew J - 167 pages
  • Addresses, reviews and episodes, chiefly concerning the "Old Sixth" Massachusetts Regiment (1901) - Watson, Benjamin Frank - 142 pages
  • "Ours" : annals of 10th Regiment, Massachusetts Volunteers in the Rebellion (1875) - Newell, Joseph Keith - 609 pages
  • The Fifth regiment Massachusetts volunteer infantry in its three tours of duty 1861, 1862-'63, 1864 (1911) - Roe, Alfred S. (Alfred Seelye) - 510 pages
  • History of the Fifth Massachusetts Battery. Organized October 3, 1861, mustered out June 12, 1865 (1902) - 991 pages
  • History of the Thirty-sixth regiment Massachusetts volunteers. 1862-1865 (1884) - Burrage, Henry S. (Henry Sweetser) - 405 pages
  • History of the Second Massachusetts Battery (Nims' Battery) of Light Artillery, 1861-1865 (1912) - Whitcomb, Caroline Elizabeth - 111 pages
  • Record of the Thirty-third Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry : from Aug. 1862 to Aug. 1865 (1880) - Boies, Andrew J - 168 pages
  • The story of the Thirty eighth regiment of Massachusetts volunteers. By George W. Powers (1866) - Powers, George Whitefield - 308 pages
  • History of the Thirty-Fifth Regiment Massachusetts Volunteers, 1862-1865. With a roster (1884) - 496 pages
  • Souvenir. First regiment of heavy artillery, Massachusetts volunteers. Dedication of monument, May 19, 1901 (1901) - 60 pages
  • The campaign of the Forty-fifth regiment, Massachusetts volunteer militia (1882) - Hubbard, Charles Eustis; Shapleigh, Frank H. - 126 pages
  • History of the First regiment of heavy artillery, Massachusetts volunteers, formerly the Fourteenth regiment of infantry, 1861-1865 (1917) - Roe, Alfred S. (Alfred Seelye Nutt, Charles - 507 pages
  • Massachusetts memorial to her soldiers and sailors who died in the Department of No. Carolina, 1861-1865 (1909) - Gardner, James Brown - 102 pages
  • Record of the service of the Forty-Fourth Massachusetts Volunteer Militia in North Carolina, August 1862 to May 1863 (1887) - Gardner, James Brown - 364 pages
  • Record of the Massachusetts volunteers, 1861-1865. Published by the Adjutant General, under a resolve of the General Court Volume 1 (1868) - Massachusetts. Adjutant General's Office - 793 pages
  • Record of the Massachusetts volunteers, 1861-1865. Published by the Adjutant General, under a resolve of the General Court Volume 2 (1868) - Massachusetts. Adjutant General's Office - 1085 pages
  • Three years in the army. The story of the Thirteenth Massachusetts volunteers form July 16, 1861, to August 1, 1864 (1894) - Davis, Charles E. - 476 pages
  • The Fifty-third Regiment Massachusetts Volunteers. Comprising also a history of the siege of Port Hudson (1889) - Willis, Henry A. (Henry Augustus) - 247 pages
  • Historical sketch of the old Sixth Regiment of Massachusetts Volunteers : during its three campaigns in 1861, 1862, 1863, and 1864 : containing the history of several companies previous to 1861, and the name and military record of each man connected with the regiment during the war (1866) - Hanson, J. W. (John Wesley) - 352 pages
  • The story of the Thirty-second regiment, Massachusetts infantry. Whence it came; where it went; what it saw, and what it did (1880) - Parker, Francis J. (Francis Jewett) - 260 pages
  • History of the Fortieth (Mozart) regiment, New York Volunteers, which was composed of four companies from New York, four companies from Massachusetts and two companies from Pennsylvania (1909) - Floyd, Frederick Clark - 469 pages
  • Life with the Thirty-fourth Mass. Infantry in the War of the Rebellion (1879) - Lincoln, William Sever - 478 pages
  • The story of Company A, Twenty-fifth Regiment Mass. Vols. in the War of the Rebellion (1886) - Putnam, Samuel H. (Samuel Henry) - 324 pages
  • First Regiment of Infantry, Massachusetts Volunteer Militia : Colonel Robert Cowdin, commanding, in service of the United States, in answer to the President's first call for troops to suppress the rebellion, April 15, 1861 (1903) - Jenkins, Luke Edward - 50 pages
  • The story of the First Massachusetts light battery, attached to the Sixth army corps : A glance at events in the armies of the Potomac and Shenandoah, from the summer of 1861 to the autumn of 1864 (1886) - Bennett, Andrew J. - 200 pages
  • History of the First Regiment (Massachusetts Infantry), from the 25th of May, 1861, to the 25th of May, 1864; including brief references to the operations of the Army of the Potomac (1866) - Cudworth, Warren Handel - 528 pages
  • History and complete roster of the Massachusetts regiments, minute men of '61 who responded to the first call of President Abraham Lincoln, April 15, 1861, to defend the flag and Constitution of the United States ... and biographical sketches of minute men of Massachuetts (1910) - Nason, George W. (George Warren) - 430 pages
  • A narrative of the formation and services of the Eleventh Massachusetts Volunteers, from April 15, 1861, to July 14, 1865. Being a brief account of their experiences in the camp and in the field, to which is added a roster, containing the names of all surviving members known to the Veteran association .. (1893) - Hutchinson, Gustavus B. - 96 pages
  • Soldiering in North Carolina; being the experiences of a 'typo' in the pines, swamps, fields, sandy roads, towns, cities, and among the fleas, wood-ticks, 'gray-backs,' mosquitoes, blue-tail flies, moccasin snakes, lizards, scorpions, rebels, and other reptiles, pests, and vermin of the 'Old north state.' Embracing an account of the three-years and nine-months Massachusetts regiments in the department, the freedmen, etc., etc., etc (1864) - Kirwan, Thomas - 126 pages
  • A memorial sketch of Lieut. Edgar M. Newcomb, of the Nineteenth Mass. Vols (1883) - Weymouth, A. B. (Albert Blodgett) - 134 pages
  • Reminiscences of the Thirty-fourth Regiment, Mass. Vol. Infantry (1871) - Clark, William H. - 31 pages
  • History of the Forty-second regiment infantry (1886) - Bosson, Charles Palfray - 465 pages
  • The color-guard; being a corporal's notes of military service in the Nineteenth army corps (1864) - Hosmer, James Kendall - 244 pages
  • The Independent corps of cadets of Boston, Mass., at Fort Warren, Boston harbor, in 1862 (1888) - Gore, Henry Watson - 443 pages
  • The three years' service of the Thirty-third Mass. infantry regiment 1862-1865. And the campaigns and battles of Chancellorsville, Beverley's ford, Gettysburg, Wauhatchie, Chattanooga, Atlanta, the march to the sea and through the Carolinas, in which it took part (1881) - Underwood, Adin Ballou - 335 pages
  • The Twenty-fourth regiment, Massachusuetts volunteers, 1861-1866, "New England guard regiment," (1907) - Roe, Alfred S. (Alfred Seelye) - 573 pages
  • This DVD runs on all Windows and Macintosh computers. You must have a web browser and Adobe Acrobat Reader - (available for free download if you do not have it installed on your computer.) The book index is organized in an HTML menu that is compatible with all browsers and the books themselves are in PDF format to allow them to be universally accessed. All books on this DVD are searchable and printable.

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