Sometimes referred to as the champagne

f cokes, this robust and unique beverage is home brewed by Goya Factories. Goya Malta, or, Malta Goya, is a thirst quenching, carbonated beverage drink that has the same similar properties to that of a homemade beer. This non-alcoholic beverage has been enjoyed by families everywhere and now you can enjoy the great flavor of Goya Malta at home. Goya Malta is actually a cereal grained based beverage and contains water, pale malt, caramel malt, corn syrup, salt and hops. Goya Malta beer tastes like a combination of a stout beer, sugary molasses and a cola. It is thick, rich, and dark and smells sweet like molasses too. Goya Malta Beer is a form of beer but has yet to be fermented. Goya Malta is low in calories, containing only 140 calories per bottle. It comes packaged in a bottle and is also a famous barbecue aid. Use Goya Malta as a barbecue sauce or on carnitas tacos. Goya Malta, Malta Goya is also used similar to a port wine for cooking purposes. Use t to add flavor to vegetables that you are sauteing, or pour some on fish, in pasta, or as a marinate. Goya Malta also makes a good dessert ingredient and is absolutely delicious poured over ice cream. Goya Malta is so versatile, you will come up with and exciting ways to incorporate it as a part of your everyday life.

Malta Goya 7 oz. Case of 6 Bottles

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malta goya 7 oz case 6 bottles



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