PCLinuxOS Gnome 2009 Totally and redesigned

Increased speed, great looks and out-of-the-box usability have been our main concern with this release! Gnome office apps, GnomeDo, Me Tv, Serpentine, Brasero, Gnome Power Manager, Banshee Music Player and many more! ! PCLinuxOS is the only Linux distribution written from bottom to top with you, the Linux user in mind. Who better to help you along your way than someone who is fresh from the journey themselves? Some of our users have been around Linux for a long time, but found PCLinuxOS so complete and friendly; that they began using it as their primary operating system. Our users become proficient at using this distribution in short order simply because our help forums and documentation gives them the opportunity to learn quickly. If you make the decision to use and learn Linux, your choice of PCLinuxOS will prove not only to be an easy move, but a smart one as well. We want your experience with PCLinuxOS to be not only positive but productive and fun... yes fun. All of us at PCLinuxOS welcome you to our family of users. Desktop One major component of PCLinuxOS is their beautiful PCLinuxOS Control Center. It s used to aid the user in refining the configuration of their system. It still includes modules for installing a bootloader, defining mount points, configuring hardware, setting up a firewall or file shares, setting up network connections or groupware and ldap services, and much more. Tex states, "We updated the video monitor setup code for better detection but most of the other code was based on the latest stable release of it from [mandriva] and modified to work with pclinuxos."

PC Linux OS 2009 Gnome Complete Operating System

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pc linux os 2009 gnome complete operating system



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