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filled gas struts here! Columbia Struts are / have been used by many of the nations top motor coach manufacturers! A note about our struts ... When you produce a $300,000.00 to $600.000.00+ coach do you think they would skimp on the struts? WHY PAY MORE? MORE Gas springs listed in our Store Replacement Strut for Lexus LS430 Trunk Lid Year; 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 Fully extended ... 12.22 inches ... Fully retracted ... 7.54 inches (center to center of the ball socket) Diameter rod = 8mm / tube = 18mm You are bidding / buying (2ea) gas spring / shock / strut Manufactured by Columbia Strut (model SP-30889-LS) this unit is totally self-contained, hermetically-sealed, a hydro pneumatic linear actuator containing pressurized nitrogen gas, which provides the output force. These units come complete with threaded removable 10mm steel ball sockets both on the rod and tube ends (if you are in need of mounting brackets see our selection listed in the store) Note: for best results replace both struts (when 2 struts are used) ... ALWAYS install with rod down (your struts will last much longer ... here s the reason all struts contain a bit of oil / that is what causes the damping effect towards the end of the stroke ??? this oil also lubricates the piston, installing the rod down keeps the oil atop the piston!) TIP: when selecting a replacement unit always compare your old unit in both length and pressure to insure proper fit The shipping, handling and insurance is a set cost of $14.00 (FedEx Lower 48 states USA ONLY) Thank-you for your interest Watch for MORE items from RV-Trader to come!

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2001 02 03 04 05 2006 Lexus LS430 Trunk replacement trunk strut Spring Shock 2ea

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2001 02 03 04 05 2006 lexus ls430 trunk replacement trunk strut spring shock 2ea



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