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Marty Krofft s classic adventure series is found within Land of the Lost - The Complete Series, an eight-disc set. Iconic characters Marshall, Will, and Holly find themselves in a bizarre and frightening world when they experience a major earthquake while river rafting. Their adventure brings them in conflict with the villainous Sleestaks, creatures who are still a visual part of the zeitgeist and inspire nightmares decades after the show aired. Land of the Lost - The Complete Series shows Marshall, Will, and Holly find friends and allies, notably the gentle Chaka while also keeping themselves safe from dinosaurs and other threats from various timelines, all of which converge in the titular Land of the Lost. This eight-disc set also contains a preview of the feature film version of the series, a comedy starring Will Ferrell. Land of the Lost - The Complete Series will be remembered by anyone who grew up watching Saturday Morning cartoons during the 1970 s and 80 s.

Land of the Lost Collector Edition DVD Set

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land lost collector edition dvd set



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