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f great flavor when you try Klass Salt and Lime Peanuts. If you love a unique flavor, a flavor that stands out from the boring and monotonous snacks you eat every day, then you ll enjoy these brilliant Klass peanuts seasoned with the delicious taste of salt and lime. You ll feel the rush that this great lime taste has to offer, and you ll savor every single bite, because this is a taste you ll never find anywhere else. The refreshing lime is the perfect compliment to the Klass peanuts, you ll find that theres no better marriage of salty and sour out there. The citrus taste of Klass Salt and Lime Peanuts just can t be beat, and you ll enjoy these all day long. But if youre into all the different experiences that Klass peanuts have to offer, there are different flavors like spicy, crunchy, and Japanese style that youre bound to enjoy. As long as its Klass, its a snack of a higher class than any other. You ll feel like youre snacking like a king, the flavor of these peanuts just can t be defeated. Youre in for a unique but amazing experience every single amazing time, with every single fantastic bag, with every single delicious Klass peanut.

Klass Salt and Lime Peanuts 80 Gr

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klass salt lime peanuts 80 gr



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