These exotic and tasty peanuts are

n awesome twist on an every day snack, great for anybody whos looking to brighten up their day with a peanut experience. These peanuts, made by the superb peanut brand Klass, are the amazing Klass peanuts with the perfect peanut taste seasoned with a Japanese style seasoning to give them an irresistible Asian kick. These are great for eating when you need a quick and easy snack, just open up a bag of this great tasting food and have some fun. The amazing peanuts seasoned in the exhilarating Japanese flavor are something you just can t find in another snack. Klass has, yet again, made an amazing peanut with a flavor everyone can agree is great. With their team of other sensational flavors like salted lemon, crunchy, and extra spicy, Klass is used to providing the most amazing and flavorful peanuts the world of snacks has to offer. Youre highly unlikely to find a better snack than this, nonetheless a better peanut. These are simply the best, and if you don t believe me, try a bag for yourself. Youre going to love them Klass peanuts, thats for sure, so why not start off your amazing Klass experience with the Japanese Style Peanuts? Theyre so delicious.

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Klass Japanese Style Peanuts 160 Gr

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klass japanese style peanuts 160 gr



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