Klass Hot Chili Peanuts are a

nack thats beyond extra hot on the thermometer, that youre sure to love if you enjoy a super spicy snack you can eat anywhere. Klass gives you that great delicious peanut you ll love, covered in hot and spicy chili you ll barely be able to handle. But its still delicious, despite how super hot it is, and you won t be able to put this bag down until you finish it all. The bag says it all, these peanuts are HOT and muy buenos. They ll fill your mouth with the fiery feeling of the scathing hot chilies, and you ll just go crazy for the great peanut taste. Klass peanuts have a reputation for being so delicious, seasoned with the most top-notch seasonings. Klass sells some a diverse variety of delicious peanuts. With flavors like salt and lemon, crunchy coated, spicy, and the great combination of spicy and crunchy, it just isn t possible to not find a flavor of peanuts you ll love. And if what you love is the hottest and spiciest flavors you can handle, then youre in for a wild ride of chili goodness with Klass Hot Chili Peanuts. Snack on!

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Klass Hot Chili Peanuts 160 Gr

# 1500646
klass hot chili peanuts 160 gr



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Woodstock, GA

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