Iron Beer Soft Drink is a

ype of carbonated soda beverage that has been enjoyed by many for over 80 years! Since 1917, Iron Beer Soft Drink has quenched the thirst of many, and satisfied their desire for a and refreshing soda beverage. Iron Beer Soft Drink, is a fruit based soda with the unique taste and properties of Dr. Pepper. It has been a favorite and tradition in Cuba for decades! This unique product has been named The National Beverage, of Cuba and it has a fruity smelling aroma with subtle island spices and flavors. Iron Beer Soft Drink comes in a handy 6 pack size that features 11.5 ounce sized cans. The tasty beverage can be identified by the bold red and yellow branding on the can featuring the picture of a stealthy iron man. Iron Beer Soda has the body of a beer but with out the alcohol and it is made up of carbonated water, fructose, caramel coloring, citric acid, both natural and artificial flavors, and it has a bit of a zing and a zang to it. The fruit base flavors of Iron Beer combined with the sparkling effects of the carbonated water, take this soda to the next level. The convenient 6 pack of cans makes it easy for one to take with them, to a party, or for the ease of single individual drink sizes, grab and go. Best served cold, Iron Beer Soft Drink is refreshingly fruity, sweet and hard to beat!

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Iron Beer Soft Drink 11.5 oz (6 Pack)

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iron beer soft drink 11 5 oz 6 pack



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