Harina Pan has taken the maize

lour market by storm, being the first and most popular brand of maize flour in Venezuela and Colombia. Its name has become so common place its used in Venezuela to describe all flours, even competitor brands. If youre making masarepa, or maize flour dough, for any traditional delicious dishes like Arepa, Empanada, Bollo, Bollitos, you need the best flour you can get your hands on, and Harina Pan is the king of the flour industry. Harina Pan comes in both white and yellow varieties, and is nut free, so its completely compatible with anyone who suffers from Celiac disease. Without this incredibly convenient, incredibly quality brand of maize flour, you had to go through a very laborious process of grinding the flour in a mortar, but since the products arrival on the market in 1960 s, that has become a thing of the past. Harina Panis a favorite of Venezuelan and Colombian housewives and will soon be a favorite of yours, as this very natural maize flour is both delicious and easy to use. Ever since its introduction over 50 years ago, Harina Pan has been universally accepted as an incredibly prolific and useful product. It has remained astoundingly unchanged since its original induction, so you just know youre going to get a flour thats the finest quality and most consistent. Harina Pan is immensely popular, and the first of its kind in Venezuela and Colombia, just try it for yourself and you ll see what an amazing ingredient Harina Pan is.

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Harina PAN Venezolana - Pre Cooked White Corn Meal 34 oz

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harina pan venezolana pre cooked white corn meal 34 oz



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