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CD The Greenhouse and Nursery Historic book collection is a fascinating look at greenhouse and horticulture technologies at the turn of the 20th century. The 41 books in this collection discuss all aspects of greenhouse construction and management, raising food and ornamental plants successfully in a greenhouse environment as well as pest control and other aspects of day to day running of a successful greenhouse. Since greenhouses are a mature science, much of what is discussed in these books is still in common practice today so the collection also makes an excellent reference set for those looking to do greenhouse gardening in their yards. Many of the books are heavily illustrated and some have color prints in them. All the titles contained on this CD are listed below. Greenhouse management (1898) - Taft, Levi Rawson - 412 pages Greenhouse management for amateurs - May, William J - 402 pages The unheated greenhouse (1907) - Davidson, K. L - 316 pages Foley better built and heated greenhouse (1920) - Foley Greenhouse Mfg. Co - 40 pages Sub-irrigation in the greenhouse (1893) - Rane, F. Wm. (Frank William) - 24 pages American Greenhouse Construction Heating And Equipment (1927) - Richard T. Muller - 156 pages Fertilizer experiments with greenhouse lettuce and tomatoes (1927) - Lloyd, John William - 40 pages Plant propagation; greenhouse and nursery practice (1916) - Kains, M. G. (Maurice Grenville) - 358 pages Diseases of greenhouse crops and their control (1920) - Taubenhaus, Jacob Joseph - 620 pages Favourite flowers of garden and greenhouse Volume 1 (1896) - Step, Edward; Watson, William - 204 pages Favourite flowers of garden and greenhouse Volume 2 (1896) - Step, Edward; Watson, William - 214 pages Favourite flowers of garden and greenhouse Volume 3 (1896) - Step, Edward; Watson, William - 202 pages The book of the greenhouse, with a special chapter on the little town greenhouse (1908) - Tallack, J. C - 138 pages Hand-book of garden greenhouse culture in Tasmania (1884) - Wade, Thomas - 41 pages The handbook to the flower garden and greenhouse (1859) - Glenny, George - 432 pages The culture of greenhouse orchids, old system and (1902) - Boyle, Frederick - 280 pages The amateur's greenhouse and conservatory : a handy guide to the construction and management of planthouses, and the selection, cultivation, and improvement of ornamental greenhouse and conservatory plants (1873) - Hibberd, Shirley - 306 pages Breeding two varieties of greenhouse tomatoes resistant to fusarium wilt (1930) - Huelsen, W. A. (Walter August Gillis, Merl Conrad - 40 pages Choice stove and greenhouse flowering plants, comprising s of upwards of thirteen hundred species and varieties, .. (1883) - Williams, Benjamin Samuel - 561 pages Dean's system of greenhouse heating by steam or hot water, with formulas for obtaining different temperatures .. (1901) - Dean, Mark - 64 pages Chrysanthemums for garden and greenhouse. A practical treatise on the propagation and culture of early flowering, decorative and market kinds - Crane, Daniel Burton; Sanders, T. W. (Thomas William) - 225 pages The fern manual : Being a of all the best stove, greenhouse, and hardy ferns, cultivated in British gardens (1863) - 252 pages Greenhouse pests; a manual of practice in the control of insects and other pests attacking ornamental plants and flowers grown under glass in Illinois (1930) - Compton, Charles C - 125 pages American flower-garden directory : containing practical directions for the culture of plants in the flower-garden, hot-house, green-house, rooms, or parlour windows ... (1854) - Buist, Robert - 360 pages Bulbs and tuberous-rooted plants; their history, , methods of propagation and complete directions for their successful culture in the garden, dwelling and greenhouse (1893) - Allen, Charles Linnaeus - 327 pages Garden foes : insect, animal and fungoid pests injurious to fruit and vegetable crops, hardy plants, trees, shrubs and greenhouse plants, with all the latest remedies for their eradication (1910) - Sanders, Thomas William - 334 pages Gardening for pleasure : a guide to the amateur in the fruit, vegetable, and flower garden, with full directions for the greenhouse, conservatory, and window-garden (1875) - Henderson, Peter - 264 pages Greenhouse construction; a complete manual on the building, heating, ventilating and arrangement of greenhouses, and the construction of hotbeds, frames and plant pits (1917) - Taft, Levi Rawson - 235 pages How to grow cut flowers. A practical treatise on the cultivation of the rose, carnation, chrysanthemum, violet, and other winter flowering plants. Also greenhouse construction .. (1893) - Hunt, Myron A - 268 pages Plant culture; a working handbook of every day practice for all who grow flowering and ornamental plants in the garden and greenhouse (1900) - Oliver, George Watson - 200 pages Greenhouse and stove plants, flowering and fine-leaved, palms, ferns, and lycopodiums, with full details of the propagation and cultivation of 500 families of plants : embracing all the best kinds in cultivation, suitable for growing in the greenhouse, intermediate house, and stove (1894) - Baines, Thomas - 456 pages Greenhouse construction and heating: containing full s of the various kinds of greenhouses, stove houses, forcing houses, pits and frames, with directions for their construction, and also s of the different types of boilers, pipes, and heating apparatus generally, with instructions for fixing the same (1901) - Ravenscroft, B. C - 264 pages The nursery-manual; a complete guide to the multiplication of plants (1920) - Bailey, L. H. (Liberty Hyde) - 514 pages Market nursery work Volume 1 (1921) - Fletcher, F. J. (Frederick James) - 92 pages Market nursery work Volume 2 (1921) - Fletcher, F. J. (Frederick James) - 90 pages Market nursery work Volume 3 (1921) - Fletcher, F. J. (Frederick James) - 86 pages Market nursery work Volume 4 (1921) - Fletcher, F. J. (Frederick James) - 82 pages Market nursery work Volume 5 (1921) - Fletcher, F. J. (Frederick James) - 90 pages Market nursery work Volume 6 (1921) - Fletcher, F. J. (Frederick James) - 84 pages Gardening Indoors and Under Glass A Practical Guide to the Planting, Care and Propagation of House Plants, and to the Construction and Management of Hotbed, Coldframe and Small Greenhouse (1912) - Rockwell, Frederick Frye - 266 pages Fruits and vegetables under glass; (1912) - Turner, William - 264 pages Here are some images from a few of the books: This CD runs on all Windows and Macintosh computers. You must have a web browser and Adobe Acrobat Reader - (available for download if you do not have it installed on your computer.) The book index is organized in an HTML menu that is compatible with all browsers and the books themselves are in PDF format to allow them to be universally accessed. Many books on this CD are searchable and printable. Please visit Our About Me Page to Learn More about Us! This product is a CD. All our CDs are professionally produced and packaged in DVD sized cases. This allows you to easily store them with your on your shelf and retrieve them easily. All our CDs are designed to play on any Microsoft Windows computer and Macintosh computers running OS X or higher. Some of our CDs require a special viewer to be installed on your computer to view the images. 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Greenhouse Nursery Construction Winter Harvest Prepper Gardens 41 Books CD B391

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greenhouse nursery construction winter harvest prepper gardens 41 books cd b391



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