A refreshing mix of medley mint

nd ginger is the unique taste that Grace Ginger Mint Tea presents. Grace Ginger Mint Tea is a unique herbal tea that combines the soothing and relaxing flavors of green mint with that of the heated ginger root, that together creates a combination out of this world! The taste of the tea is uplifting and refreshing. It has also been shown to be good for treating arthritic pain, osteoporosis, and is great when one has a cold or the flu. Enjoy a cup of Ginger Mint Tea on an afternoon, or in the evening. It won t cause you the infamous coffee buzz as it contains no caffeine. Grace Ginger Mint Tea has also been shown to help with migraines and also as an aid to control weight management. Grace Ginger Mint Tea comes in a blue box and contains 24 personal sized tea bags. Just throw one into a cup of hot water, let steep for a few minutes, then remove the tea bag and enjoy the aroma and flavors of the fresh mint and spicy ginger. The taste Grace Ginger Mint Tea provides is exhilarating! What a surprise! Mint and ginger both add their nutritional value to this tea too! Mint has been used widely for its aromatherapy benefits and ginger for its natural herbal remedies. Try this and exciting variety today! Grace Ginger Mint Tea, a way to calm, a way to please.

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Grace Ginger Mint Tea 1.34 oz

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grace ginger mint tea 1 34 oz



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