Ginger Lemon Tea produced by Grace

a leading beverage drink company since the early 1900s! Grace Ginger Lemon Tea is an excellent drink choice for those chilly winter evenings, or as a hot refreshment while reading a book, enjoying a good conversation, or to sip right before bed! Grace Ginger Lemon Tea is a special select tea, and it combines the spicy kick of the ginger root, which is a traditional medicinal herb, and the tangy taste of lemon which is calming and soothing and compliments the ginger taste well. Grace Ginger Lemon Tea won t keep you up or cause similar side effects to that of coffee, for it doesn t contain the high amount of caffeine that coffee does. It has a mild soothing scent, that calms both the mind and spirit. Grace Ginger Lemon Tea is also great to enjoy when you have a cold or upset stomach. It boosts your energy naturally, with out the aid of caffeine, and can help to ease cramps and mild bouts of indigestion. Grace Ginger Lemon tea is identifiable by the bright yellow box it comes packaged in, and contains 24 individual tea bags. Grace Ginger Lemon Tea is quick and convenient and simple to make. All you need to do is add one tea bag to hot or boiling water, let steep for a few minutes, and then sweeten to taste. What an excellent way to start or finish a day, by enjoying a hot cup of Grace Ginger Lemon Tea!

Grace Ginger Lemon Tea 1.34 oz

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grace ginger lemon tea 1 34 oz



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