Goya Yellow Rice Mix a popular

tradition amongst families. Goya Yellow Rice mix is formed by using authentic long grained, yellow rice and is infamous for its non sticking properties. Goya Yellow Rice Mix is Spanish style rice and has been enjoyed throughout homes for generations. Arroz Amarillo, or Goya Yellow Rice is enriched with vitamins and nutrients which may have been lost during the germ process. It is prepared in a chicken bouillon base and a collage of mixed colors and foods including sweet tasting onion, great tasting garlic, parsley, coriander, citric acid and annatto powder. Goya Yellow Rice is often used to celebrate birthdays and holidays and will commonly be found served at birthdays, and other special occasions. Goya Yellow Rice Mix tastes great as is easy to make. It can be prepared within 30 minutes and ready to serve. It comes conveniently packaged in a box and all the ingredients are premixed into a packet; Couldn t get any simpler really. Goya Yellow Rice, or Spanish Rice, has zero saturated fat content and is extremely low in calorie intake. Goya Yellow Rice can be used interchangeably with other rices, in order to provide variety and to mix things up a little bit. Avoid dulltime at the dinner table and try adding Goya Yellow Rice Mix and now this particular product comes in a family size which includes up to 75% more! Enjoy!

Goya Yellow Rice Mix 8 oz

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goya yellow rice mix 8 oz



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