The great tasting Goya Whole Kernel

orn is now available in a can! Goya Whole Kernel Corn consists of large, golden yellow, whole corn kernels. Once upon a time, only available as a fresh or frozen vegetable, in which the veggies could get freezer burned and took up valuable space, or had to be used right away, Goya Whole Kernel Corn now comes in a can! Canning is a method in which to preserve the corn from spoiling and rotting. It increases the shelf life of corn and makes it not necessary to have to store the corn in the fridge or freezer. Goya Whole Kernel Corn is made with the plumpest, juiciest whole grain corn kernels, which are carefully removed from the cob for you. No longer do you need to worry about shucking the husks off of the corn or removing the silky strands. Then to actually have to remove the kernels from the cob itself, can be a long process and daunting task. Goya has taken the initiative and has done all the prep work for you. All you need to do, is reap the rewards and enjoy the great flavor of the whole corn kernels. Try Goya Whole Kernel Corn cold in salads, or add to chili. Drain the can of corn and use the kernels as a pizza topping or in a baked pot pie. Goya Whole Kernel corn is such a versatile product that you will be coming up with your own creative recipes for it in no time!

Goya Whole Kernel Corn 8 oz

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goya whole kernel corn 8 oz



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