Goya Whole Kernel Corn is a

an packed full of tasty, sweet, crunchy niblets of corn in a natural juice. The golden yellow kernels are whole kernels and have a sweet, firm, crunchy texture, while bursting with flavor on the inside. Goya Whole Kernel Corn contains whole corn yellow kernels, water, sugar, and salt, thats it, nothing more, nothing less, just corn! Goya Whole Kernel Corn is gathered and produced by first harvesting the corn from the fields. The corn husks are then shucked and the silks and whole kernels are carefully removed. The kernels are then pre-cooked for you and are sealed in an airtight can which can last up to 2 years on the shelf. By canning them, Goya is ensuring quality and again long term use. To use Goya Whole Kernel Corn is easy and only takes a few minutes. Simply, open the lid of the can and pour the contents into a boil. Heat over medium heat and serve. If you like, you can also use Goya Whole Kernel Corn in casseroles and other recipes in which you just simply drain the liquid contents of the can before incorporating the corn into your recipe. Easy, Easy! Goya Whole Corn is virtually fat and low in calories. It is a great source of fiber and corn is known to help aid the digestive tract. Try A can of Goya Whole Kernel Corn and test the simplicity factor and sweet taste of this fabulous product!

Goya Whole Kernel Corn 15 oz

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goya whole kernel corn 15 oz



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