Goya white what Masarepa its a

mixture of precooked white corn meal and corn flour, that is commonly used for baking and is similar to that of regular flour. However, they are not to be confused! Our Goya White Masarepa begins with the highest quality white corn kernels and is then processed through a dry milling method in which the germ is removed from the white kernel of corn. This is then used to produce our White Masarepa, which is ground and milled, and looks and feels like flour. However, Goya White Masarepa is precooked, with out the lime; which is the key difference between the masa harina and our masarepa. Our Goya White Masarepa is quick and convenient and is packaged ready to go, all you need to do is add liquid. It is a little more dense than regular flour and is used to produce awesome arepas, or bread and buns. Goya White Masarepa also reduces the needs for additional fats and oils when used in preparing desserts and sauces, so it a great alternative for those healthy, weight conscious consumers. Buy some today and notice the difference in your baking! Let your family enjoy the taste and difference that our Goya White Masarepa can make!

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Goya White Masarepa 5 Lb

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goya white masarepa 5 lb



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