Goya Vegetable Oil is an oil

ased liquid, derived from the soybean and the soybean oil. Goya Vegetable Oil is 100% pure oil. It is naturally cholesterol and Goya Vegetable Oil is low in saturated fats. Goya Soybean Oil is a translucent, golden liquid. It has a bit of a thick almost syrup like consistency. It works well to coat frying pans and grease pans before proceeding to fry or cook in them. Goya Vegetable Oil is a typed of lipid or fat that is derived form soybeans which is a plant material. Goya Vegetable is currently the mostly widely used oil and is attributed for its high temperature ability and for the fact that it is extremely inexpensive due to the soybean factor and the cost of these beans. People also love Goya Vegetable Oil because the soybeans oil have no attributing flavor and won t conflict with the taste of your recipe or alter the flavor of other ingredients. Goya Vegetable Oil, Uses high grade soybeans which are harvested and then cracked. The soybeans are then heated at high temperatures between 140 and 190 degrees Fahrenheit. They are rolled in flakes and then the oil is extracted through a solvent method and is refined. Goya vegetable oil is comm2 pints of highly expensive olive oil into 1 only used to saute with, or in dessert recipes. Goya Vegetable Oil also works great to make fresh homemade salad dressing and can turn 2 ounces of highly expensive olive oil into 1 whole pint, simply be incorporating Goya Vegetable Oil into the Olive Oil and using it as a dilutant- fabulous!

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Goya Vegetable Oil 48 oz

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goya vegetable oil 48 oz



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