Goya Olives Stuffed with Minced Pimiento

Goya is already well known and well loved traditional olives are now combined with a tasty morsel of finely pureed pimiento peppers. Goya Stuffed Olives are great served before a meal along with crackers and cheese. They are also great as part of the main course and can be added to rice, or pastas. Goya Stuffed Olives originate from the Mediterranean and are a common ingredient in Mediterranean Cuisine, dishes from the Middle East and in fine Italian recipes. Goya Stuffed Olives come ready to eat out of the jar or can be battered and deep fried or baked within a casserole. They are a wee bit salty, but nothing compared to a caper. Goya Olives are a medium sized olive and are harvested from a type of evergreen tree, referred to as an olive tree. They are pitted and then stuffed with the great tasting controversial flavor of the minced pimiento. Goya Stuffed Olives have a unique texture and are a rich dark green olive that produce a bit of a sour/sweet taste. Goya Stuffed Olives are a great party pleaser and they are compact and easy to transport. What a Nice way to welcome neighbors or say thanks to the gardener then by giving them a basket of goods featuring Goya Stuffed Olives. Compliment this with crackers, cheese, sardines and a sparkling cider and you have the ultimate gift to give!

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Goya Stuffed Olives 3.75 oz

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goya stuffed olives 3 75 oz



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