Sofrito anyone Goya Sofrito is a

dazzling red sauce that goes great with anything! Similar to recaito, Goya Sofrito is an authentic cooking sauce that combines fresh vegetables and herbs to create a great tasting, authentic sofrito. Goya prepares Goya Sofrito by first sauteing freshly diced onions and tomatoes, green peppers, in a little olive oil. The some great smelling garlic is added as well as a combination of other herbs and spices. After this tasty mixture is simmered together and cooled, it is then pureed through a processor and made into a red sauce aka sofrito. Goya Sofrito is a thick, rich, creamy cooking base sauce that serves a variety of purposes in cooking. Goya Sofrito contains the following ingredients: Water, tomato paste, tasty green peppers, soybean oil, food starch (a great natural thickening agent) onions, vegetable protein, salt, coriander, paprika,sweet peppers, onion powder, oregano, cracked black pepper, garlic, garlic powder, and citric acid. Goya Sofrito comes jarred and features a resealable lid. Goya Sofrito should be refrigerated once opened but otherwise can stay on the shelf for up to 1 year. Goya Sofrito is great poured onto rice, or pasta. Stir it in with beans, or use as a meat marinate and simply pour the sofrito on top of raw meat, allow to sit and soak in and then cook as usual. Goya Sofrito offers a great authentic flavoring that will have your family members and for more!

Goya Sofrito 12 oz

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goya sofrito 12 oz



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