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n a can now! No more hard work to produce this great tasting product, Goya has done the work for you and has prepared these beans in a can for quick use. Goya Small Red Beans are a rich textured bean and although small, provide a hearty, filling flavor. The protein in these beans is thick and rich and allows one to feel satisfied sooner and longer. Goya Small Red Beans are a must have staple food and are very, very affordable! Goya Small Red Beans make awesome refried beans and are commonly used to make chili. Now instead of having to do all the leg work once involved with using beans, now all you have to do is crack open the can and add them to your favorite sauce or base. Enjoy Goya Small Red Beans baked or with molasses and pork for a yummy concoction. Goya Small Red Beans are just that, small in size, compared to other varieties, and are red in color. They are a plump bean and are a great food product to be incorporated into vegan diets for they will provide the protein which would be found in meat diets. Goya Small Red Beans Can be stored in the pantry until ready to use. Then they should be refrigerated. Goya Small Red Beans Can has a long shelf last and will last up to two years before they should be used. Try Goya Small Red Beans Can.

Goya Small Red Beans 29 oz

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goya small red beans 29 oz



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