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ble to enjoy the taste of fresh, baby carrots all year long? Well now you can with Goya Sliced Carrots. Goya Sliced Carrots are grown on the ranch-lands of Goya and are handpicked from the ground. They are a type of root vegetable and are a bright orange in color, and feature a crispy, crunchy texture. Goya then washes the fresh garden carrots and tops the green leafy stalks off. The carrots are then peeled and pre-cooked. They are finally cooled before being sliced into the perfect bite sized pieces. Goya Sliced Carrots do not need to be refrigerated until opened and they will not spoil or go rotten unlike the fresh vegetable. Goya Sliced Carrots are tender and sweet and provide a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin A beta carotene, vitamin k, and a healthy mix if antioxidants. Goya Sliced carrots are preserved in a combination of water and salt, thats it! Goya Sliced Carrots are easy to cook and only take a few minutes. Simply heat Goya Sliced Carrots over the stovetop or steam them in the microwave. Serve them as a healthy side dish or add Goya Sliced Carrots to other vegetables to create a medley or dump them into homemade soups or stews. You can also add them to pastas or into cold salads, the possibilities are endless.

Goya Sliced Carrots 14.5 oz

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goya sliced carrots 14 5 oz



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