This superb all purpose seasoning and

eat marinate, is the answer to all your dull food desires! Goya Sazon Garlic and Onion, or Ajo y Cebolla is a superb seasoning spice that enhances the natural flavors of food while also adding its own unique personal touch. Oh, I wish I just had something other than plain white rice, wish granted! Spice up your rice by adding some flair with Goya Sazon Garlic and Onion. I wish I had just one easy to use condiment that would make all my meals taste great, wish granted. You can add Goya Sazon Garlic and Onion to just about anything. I wish that I had an all purpose seasoning salt that would marinate at the same time, wish granted. Goya Sazon Garlic and Onion - Ajo Y Cebolla is also a great meat tenderizer. Just sprinkle it or rub it into your meat of choice and leave to marinate. It works great to flavor the meat and make it tender too! Goya Sazon Garlic and Onion - Ajo Y Cebolla is like a genie in a bottle. It is the answer to all your kitchen taste temptations. Goya Sazon Garlic and Onion also contains trace amounts of cilantro, culantro, garlic, coriander, annatto, and salt, that are all specially combined in the perfect amounts to complement each other excellently. Add Goya Sazon Garlic and Onion to your collection today!

Goya Sazon Garlic And Onion 3.5 oz

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goya sazon garlic onion 3 5 oz



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