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when you need it? Never fails, its Murphys Law, but now you can have this great tasting seasoning on hand whenever you need it! Goya Sazon Econopak. Keep it stocked on your shelves for those rainy days. You never know when you might need it. Goya Sazon Econopak now comes in a bulk sized form which contains 20 individual boxes of this fine product. Goya Sazon Econopak is affordable and comes in a dried and dehydrated powder product, so it will not spoil or go bad. The Goya Sazon Econopak is a great idea for large, extended families or for industry use, such as in restaurants, and fine dining establishments. Each box of Goya Sazon Econopak contains twenty individual sized boxes of this superb formula of exquisite herbs and authentic Mexican seasonings. Each box contains 8 individual sized foil packets. One packet provides enough seasoning to serve enough proportions for four people, wow thats a powerful little packet! Use Goya Sazon Econopak packets to rub into meats or to sprinkle into soups. Goya Sazon is every chefs best kept and most kept secret. Goya Sazon Econopak packets are low in fat and calories and are easy to use, and easy to keep. Order your Goya Sazon Econopak now, and you will never have to worry about running out again.

Goya Sazon Econopak 3.5 oz

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goya sazon econopak 3 5 oz



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