In Spanish primavera means spring and

thats exactly what Goya Primavera Rice Mix is! Its a delicious spring medley combined with a variety of long grain rice. Goya Rice Primavera is an excellent dinner choice that it sure to please! Goya Rice is distinctive yellow, long grain parboiled rice that is slowly simmered in a chicken flavored broth. A mixture of fresh garden vegetables are then added to it, including minced garlic, sweet red peppers, and other spring vegetables of the season. Goya Rice Primavera Mix is a healthy choice and contains zero fat and only 160 calories per serving. In addition, it does contain a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals and 35 grams of carbs, and 5 grams of protein. Goya Rice Primavera also contains a delicious cheddar cheese blend. The cheese adds a creamy and tasty complimentary coating to the spring vegetables and rice mixture. There are also fresh shelled garden peas, red peppers and scallions- which are a type of mild flavored spring onion. Goya Rice Primavera is also enhanced with chicken seasoning, onion powder, sugar, and salt. It is just another great alternative to dinnertime that Goya has prepared for you. Serve Goya Rice Primavera with any meat dish or with beans, in a casserole, or as a filling for tacos. Goya Rice Primavera is a great way to save time in the kitchen but not cut out the quality of a great tasting meal!

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Goya Rice Primavera Mix 8 oz

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goya rice primavera mix 8 oz



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