Goya Rice Flour is a type

f rice starch that is produced using only the finest ingredients by Goya. Goya Rice flour is great used as a natural thickening agent, and it inhibits the separation of liquids in baking mixtures. This makes them more suitable for freezing and other methods of storage. Goya Rice Flour is made of ground kernels of rice and begins by first removing the husk from the rice. The rice grains are then collected and steeped. After the steeping process, the rice grains are then ground to form a powder like substance known as Rice Flour. Goya Rice Flour is used in a variety of recipes and can be used as an alternative to most other flours. Use Goya Rice Flour to prepare rice cakes, or to make homemade rice noodles. Goya Rice Flour is also commonly used to make desserts and as a thickener for sauces, gravies, and custards. It makes an excellent batter coating for meats and gives them a mid crunch outer coating. Order your bag of Goya Rice Flour and discover how many uses it can serve around the kitchen, you will soon find it a necessity in your home!

Goya Rice Flour 12 oz

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goya rice flour 12 oz



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