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Goya Rice Flour is a fine powdered flour derived from the grains of Goya rice. It is produced by first cutting the stalks from the rice paddys and then carefully separating the rice grains from the husk. Once the rice grains are removed, they are washed soaked and then drained. They are then laid out and ground into a fine powder like substance. Goya Rice Flour is then pre-cooked and packaged and stored immediately to ensure you the highest quality product. Goya Rice Flour is the main ingredient found in many staple foods including most types of pastries and bread doughs. Goya Rice Flour is commonly substituted for other flours. Goya Rice Flour is extremely useful as a base thickening agent in most sauces, gravies, or stews. Goya Rice flour does this, by containing high amounts or rice starch. Starch is a carbohydrate that occurs naturally in the rice plants. Get some Goya Rice Flour mix and try it out in your own recipes, see the difference that Rice Flour can make!

Goya Rice Flour 24 oz

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goya rice flour 24 oz



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