This great tasting dinner idea is

lready mixed and prepared for you! Goya Rice and Black Beans Mix, or arroz con frijoles negros, is a quick and convenient way to have a delicious dinner prepared for you and your family in just minutes, not hours. Goya Rice and Black Beans Mix features seasoned long grain rice, and rich, elegant, firm black beans. In the mix, there are also, small pieces of red and green pepper which add just a nice taste and crunchy texture to the combo. Then the rice, bean and vegetable mixture is seasoned with a fine selection of herbs and spices that give it a unique and savory taste. Goya Rice and Black Beans Mix is easy to prepare and is a one step process. Simply boil the water, as you would to make the rice, however add the entire contents of Goya Rice and Black Beans to the pot and simmer for 25 minutes, voila! Thats it, in only 25 minutes you can be sitting down with your family to enjoy a healthy and interesting dinner, so much better than simply serving plain, ole white rice, time and time again! Goya Rice and Black beans Mix has zero fat calories, and is enriched with vitamins and minerals to give you an all around great choice for dinner! Treat your family tonight, to Goya Rice and Black Beans Mix!

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Goya Rice And Black Beans Mix 8 oz

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goya rice black beans mix 8 oz



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