Frijoles Negros or Refried Black Beans

are now available as a canned product, proudly produced by, who other than Goya! Goya Refried Black Beans in a Can are a quick and easy way to prepare everyday dishes and require little or no effort to prepare. Goya Refried Black Beans Can are a rich and dark bean that are a classic for making the popular Black bean soup or served with rice. They are also popularly used to make falafel, or other cuisines throughout Latin America, especially in Costa Rica, Brazil, Venezuela, and Cuba. Goya Refried Black Beans are a smaller bean than that of the red kidney bean and the black beans beautiful shiny, darker outer appearance gives them a nice presentation appeal when using in cooking. The beans are highly fibrous and the meat has a texture similar to fungi. Goya Refried Black Beans Can contains premium quality black beans or turtle beans, water, and calcium chloride. They will retain their firmness when heated and are a real time saver for those who have to work a lot and don t have a lot of time to prepare meals. Just because you don t have a lot of time, doesn t mean you shouldn t be able to enjoy a great tasting and heart healthy meal. Also try Goya Refried Black Beans in a can in vegetarian cuisines as well as in Aztec couscous, salsa, relishes, and cakes to boot!

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Goya Refried Black Beans 16 oz

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goya refried black beans 16 oz



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