Red Kidney beans highly admired for

their gorgeous outer exterior and unique versatility, are now featured in the Canned products section available from Goya. Goya Red Kidney Beans Can is quick and can suffice the even pickiest eater. Goya, a leading tradition in the name of family household products, has been around since the 1900s and is a Mexican Brand Name, representing authentic Mexican flavors and tastes. Goya Red Kidney Beans provides an excellent amount of daily fiber intake and they are high in protein and cholesterol free. One cup of Goya Red Kidney Beans equals up to 45% of the recommended intake of fiber, wowsers! Goya Red Kidney Beans in a Can also helps to prevent constipation and irritable bowel syndrome. They contain trace minerals, and cholesterol lowering fiber which makes them a great choice for those who may be suffering from diabetes; so not only do Goya Red Kidney Beans Can taste great, but they are great for you too! Goya Red Kidney Beans are a deep, dark rich red in color and are shaped in the form of a kidney, hence the name. They are a larger bean and are categorized as a common bean. They originated from Peru. Goya Red Kidney Beans are great to use in salad recipes, such as the Three bean Salad, or in Kidney Pot Pie. Use them to replace meat substances as well for those who are on a vegetarian diet, but still need a source of protein. These beans are sure to please!

Goya Red Kidney Beans 15 oz

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goya red kidney beans 15 oz



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