Goya Pure Corn Oil is a

reat cooking oil and won t burn at a higher temperature. Goya Pure Corn Oil is natural corn oil and is extracted from corn by using an expeller press and solvent method. The corn is first picked from fresh ears of corn, and the kernels are then separated from the cob. They are then soaked to soften and then run through a machine that extracts the oil from the corn by exerting high amounts of pressure onto the kernels, squeezing the oil out of them. The oil is then separated by using a dis-solvent method and thus you have Goya Pure Corn Oil. It takes Goya approximately 1 bushel of corn in order to produce 1.6 pounds of corn oil. Goya Pure Corn Oil is widely used by top chefs and restaurants. It is considered to be a very valuable oil for its natural cooking properties. Goya Pure Corn Oil is a lipid material and is in a liquid state at room temperature but can be produced as a solid as fat. Goya Pure Corn Oil is composed of triglycerides and it enhances flavor and adds a bit of flavor to some dishes. Goya Pure Corn Oil contains higher amounts of healthy fats as oppose to saturated fats and can be used instead of butter in most recipes. Corn Oil has also been used to produce margarine.

Goya Pure Corn Oil 24 oz

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goya pure corn oil 24 oz



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