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reat taste and health benefits of Goya pinto dried beans but in a convenient and quick to use can! Goya Pinto Beans Can are a form of mottled or painted bean that resemble the colors of that similar to a pinto horse and thus the name. They come in a variety of shades and color but are commonly a light brown bean with darker marble swirls dotted on it. Goya Pinto Beans in a Can now allow you to enjoy all the great tastes of the pinto bean but without the troubles of having to wash them, sort them, soak them, and then after all that you still have to wait overnight before you are able cook them the next day, well not anymore! With Goya Pinto Beans in a Can, the beans have already been prepared and pre-cooked, so not you can enjoy a great meal last minute! Unlike most other vegetables, Goya Pinto Beans will not lose their natural nutritional value when cooked or can. They are great served with yellow rice, and are also good for soups, salads, casseroles, or stews. Goya Pinto Beans are a premium bean and only the beans of the highest quality make the cut. They are carefully inspected at Goya Farms to ensure you the utmost in customer satisfaction. Try Goya Pinto Beans in a Can!

Goya Pinto Beans Can 15 oz

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goya pinto beans can 15 oz



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