Who ever thought that one day

e would be able to buy great tasting, pre-cooked Goya Pink Beans - Habichuelas Rosadas in a can? Well Goya has made it happen and they are now bringing their famous Goya Pink Beans on board. Goya Pink Beans - Habichuelas Rosadas are commonly referred to as the chili bean for their popular use in chili con carne and also refried beans. Once upon a time, to get the taste of these great pink beans and their flavor, one would have to purchase the beans in a dried form, or grow their own, in which case, harvest them. Then you would have to strain them and pick out the stones and other foreign objects. Once you had completed that task, next wash to wash and rinse the beans and then let soak overnight. The following day you were able to finally cook them, however it was a long cooking time as well and when as was said and done, you could finally enjoy, if you weren t too tired to do so. Now with Goya Pink Beans - Habichuelas Rosadas in a Can you can escape all these chores and actually sit down with your family and enjoy your meal without all the hard work and time consuming efforts! Goya Pink Beans can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. You can have barbecued Goya Pink Beans, Baked Pink Beans, Boiled, Broiled, ah, the possibilities are endless!

Goya Pink Beans - Habichuelas Rosadas 15 oz

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goya pink beans habichuelas rosadas 15 oz



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