Goya Mixed Vegetables is a simple

nd convenient way to add a variety of freshly canned vegetables to any meal time. Goya Mixed Vegetables contains long green beans, crispy green peas, whole corn kernels, freshly picked carrots, and small pieces of turnip. What a great way to incorporate a variety of veggies all at the same time. To use Goya Mixed Vegetables is so easy anyone can do and it saves a vast amount of time. Traditionally, you would have to pick or purchase all the vegetables noted above, then wash, peel and chop them. Next you would have the mess to clean up after and all in all it makes very a long and daunting task. But, not anymore, Goya has canned all this fine fresh in a can and now it is available anytime and can quickly be prepared in about 10 minutes. Just pop open the can, dump the contents into a pot and slowly boil or simmer over low to medium heat. Thats it! Once heated, the vegetables are ready to serve. The vegetables are preserved in a combination of water and their own juices in the can, so you don t even have to add water to boil. Goya Mixed Vegetables are an excellent choice any time of year! Goya Mixed Vegetables can be purchased in either a 8 oz or 15 oz can.

Goya Mixed Vegetables 15 oz

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goya mixed vegetables 15 oz



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