Goya Masarepa Yellow is a traditional

recooked, ground form of corn flour. It is a type of cornmeal and is the secret ingredient in producing the best arepas ever. An arepa is a type of corn cake that is produced by baking with Goya Masarepa. The yellow corn meal found in Goya Masarepa Yellow is formed by milling yellow corn. You can also purchase white masarepa which is formed by using white corn. Back in the day, the only way to get Masarepa was to grow and husk and the corn. Then the kernels had to be removed and soaked. Then one had to physically pound the corn it was a long, hard and intensive process. However, now a days, Goya Masarepa Yellow is available with the click of a button. It comes dried, and milled and pre-cooked so all you need to do is add it to your baking. Harina de Maiz Refinada Amarilla, aka Goya Masarepa Yellow, or sometimes called Masa Al Instante for its quick and convenient use and can be used in most recipes. Goya Masarepa Yellow is enriched with nutrients and is low in calories and fat free. Goya Masarepa Yellow provides a different flavor for it is not treated with lime and when added to water forms a dough that you can then boil or fry to make fresh buns. Goya Masarepa produces a golden brown effect on your baked goods when done. Place your order now.

Goya Masarepa Yellow 24 oz

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goya masarepa yellow 24 oz



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