Goya Manzanilla Olives are a great

ay to provide a quick and satisfying snack. Manzanilla, meaning little apples, actually refers to the size and taste of these finely prepared green table olives. They are also referred to as manzanilla due to the fact that the olives grow on trees like little apples. They are picked a little bit on the unripe side in order to preserve their size and unique flavor. Goya Manzanilla Olives, also sometimes called Spanish Olives, are a small to medium sized greenish-brown, cocktail olive and work great as a garnish, such as in the classic martini, or as an appetizer before dinner. They can be eaten straight out of the jar or added to pastas and salads to add additional Mediterranean flavor. Manzanilla Olives are actually native to Spain and are currently only produced in Spain and in California. Goya Manzanilla Olives are brine cured which provides them that firm, textured meat and almond bitter flavor. They have an easy to peel flesh and Goya Manzanilla Olives come already pitted for you. Another great option with these olives is if you like you can stuff them and did you know that olives are actually considered a fruit? They are a type of drupe, which means big pit surrounded by flesh. Olives are a great source of omega 9 fatty acids which are a necessity for proper cell function. Add Goya Manzanilla Olives to your diet, they are tasty and convenient and can serve a variety of purposes.

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Goya Manzanilla Olives 3.75 oz

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goya manzanilla olives 3 75 oz



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