Jugo de Limon Goya Lemon Juice

is a citrus infusion that has many uses around the home. Made of only the finest quality lemons and handpicked fresh right from the tree, Goya Lemon Juice is a tasty compliment. Lemon juice is commonly used to make drink beverages and this unique concentrate formula can be diluted in water in order to make fresh lemonade. Due to the high citric acid content found naturally in lemons, Goya Lemon Juice also works great as a meat marinate! The enzymes found in the lemon juice, breaks down protein chains found in meat and thus acts as a great meat tenderizer. It also adds a great citrus flavor to the meat. Goya Lemon juice - jugo de limon comes ready to use in an easy to open bottle, which features a twist on, twist off lid. Goya Lemon juice contains many vitamins and minerals. It tastes both bitter and sweet offering a unique sweet and sour twist. Goya Lemon Juice is also good for sore throats and a tsp of it can be added to a cup of hot water for a soothing and yet invigorating hot drink beverage. Did you know that one lemon only produces approximately 3 tablespoons of lemon juice. Thats a lot of work to get what you can out of one bottle of Goya Lemon Juice. No peeling, no squeezing, its as easy as open, add, stir.

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Goya Lemon Juice - Jugo De Limon 32 oz

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goya lemon juice jugo de limon 32 oz



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