Goya Jasmine Rice is a variation

f long grain rice and is actually derived from a grass seed grain. Jasmine rice has been highly noted for its strong aroma given off during preparation, offering a sweet, floral fragrance much like the flower. Goya Jasmine Rice is best steamed but can be boiled or fried as well. Goya Jasmine Rice is commonly found near aquatic surfaces and is harvested from shrubs or paddys. The stalks are cut and the grass grain is then separated from the husk, it is then milled and polished. Jasmine rice is a white rice variation and there are no added chemicals or whiteners. Goya Jasmine Rice is easily stored in the cupboard or pantry until needed, then you can heat it up quick and serve it as a side dish or as part of the main course. Goya Jasmine Rice is imported from Thailand where it traditionally has been produced for years. It is a very fragrant rice, commonly served in high end restaurants. Goya Jasmine Rice comes in the dried form and can be purchased in a variety of sizes, from the smaller more individual sized packages, to the larger family friendly sizes. Try Goya Jasmine Rice as a great tasting alternative to your rice dishes. With Goya Jasmine Rice, all the work has been done for you, just simply cook and serve, saves time and energy and again, tastes great! Make Goya Jasmine Rice apart of your family tradition.

Goya Jasmine Rice 5 Lb

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goya jasmine rice 5 lb



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