Goya Jasmine Rice widely known for

its aromatic properties and nutty, subtle flavor. When cooking with Goya Jasmine Rice, not only is your meal infused with a sweet flavor, but so is the house with a fine, herb smell. Goya Jasmine Rice is imported right from Thailand where it originated from and is sometimes referred to as Thai Fragrant Rice. Goya Jasmine rice features long grained rice, similar to wild rice that grows freely in aquatic land areas, in patty fields. The stalks are then cut and threshed in order to remove the grassy grains. Goya Jasmine Rice is a type of long grained rice and thus will not stick badly together when cooked. However the properties of this rice do tend to cling together to a mild degree but not as much as oppose to other white rice varieties. Goya Jasmine Rice is great served on its own, but is best suited as a side dish to meat platters or stir frys. Goya Jasmine rice is tasty and inexpensive; it makes for a nice way to change the dinner palette and add variety and health to any meal. Jasmine Rice is traditionally steamed and never touches the water. This is to ensure the infusion of its great aromatic fragrance and is a popular cooking method. However Goya Jasmine Rice can be boiled or fried if desired.

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Goya Jasmine Rice 12 oz

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goya jasmine rice 12 oz



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