The Guava a tasty and healthy

fruit that is found in the forest, has now been incorporated into Goya Guava Jelly. Goya Guava Jelly is excellent when spread on toast in the morning for breakfast, or in a peanut butter and jelly sandwich at lunch. Use it as a topping on pancakes or ice cream, hhmmmm, delicious. Goya Guava Jelly comes in a resalable 17 ounce jar and should be stored in the fridge. The Guava, which is harvested from the Guava tree and is a close relative to the pomegranate, is a soft, sweet fruit that measures approximately 4-10 cm in length. It is a yellow/green fruit, with a sweet, pinkish meat. This fruit has high levels of naturally occurring pectin which makes it great for jelly. The fruit is picked and then cleaned and boiled until soft. It is then run through a sieve and pressed where the sweet juices are extracted. It is then run put through a process of cooking and sugar and pectin are added, and is goes through a heating and cooling yet again until that sweet Guava Jelly has been formed. The guava is sometimes referred to as a super fruit because of it health qualities and benefits. The Guava is a great source of vitamin c and actually provides 4 x the amount found in an orange. Goya Guava Jelly is thick and won t run and can last a long time when stored properly. Get some Goya Guava Jelly and see for yourself.

Goya Guava Jelly 17 oz

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goya guava jelly 17 oz



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